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Letters, notes from APRA, articles, papers and other advices for Life Insurers and Friendly Societies

​Date ​Publication
​25/09/2017 Letter to all APRA-regulated general, life and private health insurers: APRA Communication on Accounting Developments PDF
​20/04/2017 ​Letter to all APRA-regulated institutions: Survey of APRA-regulated institutions and other stakeholders PDF
​September 2016 ​​Information Paper: 2015/16 Cyber Security Survey Results PDF
​06/07/2015 Outsourcing involving shared computing services (including cloud):
  • ​Letter to Life Insurers PDF
  • Information Paper PDF
​February 2007 ​Information release: APRA ASIC Working Group Status Report
​October 2006 ​Information Paper: Pandemic Planning
​March 2000 ​Information Paper: APRA's Policy Reform Program