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General insurance standards and guidance

The following provides prudential and reporting standards, practice guides and other guidance.


Role of the Appointed Actuary - frequently asked questionsPrudential Standards


Reporting Standards




GPS 110 Capital Adequacy 

GPS 112 Capital Adequacy Measurement of Capital 

Measurement of Capital frequently asked questions

Level 1:

Level 2:

GPS 113 Capital Adequacy Internal Model-based Method 


GPS 114 Capital Adequacy Asset Risk Charge 


Level 1:

Level 2:

GPS 115 Capital Adequacy Insurance Risk Charge 


Level 1:

Level 2:

GRS 115.0_G Outstanding Claims Liabilities - Insurance Risk Charge (applies to forms GRF 115.0A G & GRF 115.0B)
GRS 115.1_G Premiums Liabilities - Insurance Risk Charge (applies to forms GRF 115.1A G & GRF 115.1B)


GPS 116 Capital Adequacy Insurance Concentration Risk Charge 

Level 1:

GRS 116.1 Probable Maximum Loss for LMIs (applies to forms GRF 116.1 to GRF 116.5)

Level 2: GRS 116.0_G Insurance Concentration Risk Charge

GPS 117 Capital Adequacy Asset Concentration Risk Charge


Level 1: GRS 117.0 Asset Concentration Risk Charge

Level 2: GRS 117.0_G Asset Concentration Risk Charge

GPS 118 Capital Adequacy Operational Risk Charge 


Level 1: GRS 118.0 Operational Risk Charge

Level 2: GRS 118.0_G Operational Risk Charge

GPS 120 Assets in Australia 


GPS 340 Insurance Liability Valuation     

Risk management

Prudential Standards



CPS 220 Risk management 

3PS 221 Aggregate Risk Exposures

3PS 222 Intra-group Transactions and Exposures

CPS 226 Margining and risk mitigation for non-centrally cleared derivatives


GPS 230 Reinsurance Management


CPS 231 Outsourcing

CPS 232 Business Continuity Management


CPS 234 Information Security (effective 1 July 2019)
  Information security incident notification
  Material information security control weakness notification





Are you looking for superseded standards, guidance or discontinued publications?

You can search historical snapshots of APRA's website on the Australian Web Archive to find discontinued/superseded publications, statistics, media releases and speeches. The National Library of Australia has made a video about the Australian web archive and another video with tips and tricks to explore the web archive.