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APRA organisation chart

Last updated: 29 July 2019

APRA organisation structure

The APRA Executive Group consists of

  • Wayne Byres, Chairman
  • Helen Rowell, Deputy Chair
  • John Lonsdale, Deputy Chair
  • Geoff Summerhayes, Member

The Risk Management Committee, the Audit Committee and the Chief Internal Auditor – report directly to the Executive Group. The Chief Internal Auditor is Philip Wang. 

Six Executive General Managers report to the Executive Group. The Executive Managers and the management teams that report to them are:

Executive General Manager, Strategy and Chief Risk Officer, Therese McCarthy Hockey

  • General Manager Supervisory Applications and Solutions, Greg Plummer
  • Head of Group Strategy and Governance, Maryanne Hinwood
  • Head of Risk Management and Compliance, Peter Dunstan 
  • Head of Group Assurance, Ambika Siva

Executive General Manager Diversified Institutions, Brandon Khoo

  • General Manager Branch 1, Brendan Scarra
  • General Manager Branch 2, Gideon Holland
  • General Manager Branch 3, Adrian Rees
  • General Manager Branch 4, Nigel Boik

Executive General Manager, Specialised Institutions, Vacant

  • General Manager Insurance, John Huijsen
  • General Manager Banking, Clare Gibney
  • General Manager Superannuation, Suzanne Smith

Executive General Manager Risk and Data Analytics, Sean Carmody

  • General Manager Credit and Market Risk, Paul Tattersall
  • General Manager Governance Operational and Insurance Risk, Stuart Bingham
  • General Manager Data Analytics, Alison Bliss
  • General Manager Data Transformation, Katrina Ellis

Executive General Manager Policy and Advice, Pat Brennan

  • General Manager Policy Development, Heidi Richards
  • General Manager Advice and Approvals, Peter Kolhagen 
  • General Counsel, Warren Scott
  • General Manager Resolution and Enforcement, Chris Gower
  • General Manager Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, Melisande Waterford

Executive General Manager Corporate Services, Steve Matthews

  • Chief Information Officer, Doug Jenkins
  • General Manager Corporate Affairs, Paula Hannaford
  • General Manager People and Culture, Yvette Gray
  • Head of Finance, Mike Goddard
  • Head of Security and Information Governances, Mikhail Lopushanski